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Icebox Virtual Machine

Icebox Virtual Machine is a workstation virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple "guest" operating systems inside of your existing host operating system.

Icebox-VM is based on the open-source VirtualBox® application, currently maintained by Oracle.  Icebox-VM is often considered a fork of VirtualBox® (as there is no upstream sponsorship or support for Icebox), though upstream features and bugfixes are periodically merged back into the Icebox codebase.

The main goal of the Icebox project is to provide a genericaly branded, easily re-distributable virtualization product.  Unlike it's upstream counterpart, no trademarks are asserted on the Icebox name or branding.  You are free to redistribute or use Icebox for any purpose (commercial or otherwise), as long as your abide by the terms of its license.

Icebox-VM come pre-installed within Twisted Lincoln, Inc.'s GNU/Linux distribution, Nexradix.

Currently, pre-compiled binary packages are available for debian-based GNU/Linux distros.  The source code supports compiling for Microsoft Windows® and Mac OS X®, but as we don't have a suitable build-environment, we cannot currently release official binaries for those platforms.


Main differences from upstream:

  • Branding replaced with generic Icebox versions.
  • Nexradix distro added to list of GNU/Linux guest OS's
  • Host cache enabled by default on all controller types
  • Built-in check for updates mechanism disabled



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