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Nexradix™ is a GNU/Linux powered operating system maintained and sponsored by Twisted Lincoln, Inc.

With the primary goal of easy use and distribution, Nexradix™ allows users to have freedom over their computing experiences.

For more information about Nexradix™,  visit it's project's website at


FreedomSampler™ is a CD-Rom compiled by Twisted Lincoln, Inc.™ that hopes to promote and encourage the adoption of Free Software by offering alternatives to the proprietary applications that currently dominate the market. The intention behind FreedomSampler™ is to promote Free Software through the active redistribution of alternatives to existing products.

Each application and utility included in a FreedomSampler™ disc is hand chosen to serve as a direct replacement for a commonly utilized proprietary program. 


OggWatch™ is a project sponsored by Twisted Lincoln, Inc. that hopes to promote the use and integration of multimedia formats that are not encumbered by patents or licensing issues.

Icebox Virtual Machine

Icebox Virtual Machine is a workstation virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple "guest" operating systems inside of your existing host operating system.

Icebox-VM is based on the open-source VirtualBox® application, currently maintained by Oracle.  Icebox-VM is often considered a fork of VirtualBox® (as there is no upstream sponsorship or support for Icebox), though upstream features and bugfixes are periodically merged back into the Icebox codebase.

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